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Food!!!! We love every aspect of it (well except the washing up…) We love growing food, planning menus, talking to people about food, planning events, cooking food, serving food and sitting back and eating food ourselves with friends and family. We love it when other people love our food. We love supporting and getting involved in local food production. We love sharing food and donating food in our community and we love reducing food waste by composting and also reducing food packaging waste.

So, we’re a bit obsessed then. But it’s such a huge part of all our lives and the food we all choose to eat (or choose not to eat) has such a massive effect on our beautiful planet that we are happy to play as big a part as we can in supporting local food and zero waste initiatives. We also spend a lot of time composting all our food and paper waste on our own land using compost bays, worm farms and bokashi. We have chickens that love food scraps and turn them into eggs as they scratch about in our orchard, fertilising as they go and doing a great job clearing up the bad bugs. All the compost gets returned to our vegetable gardens which helps us produce nutritious fruit, veg and herbs in one complete circle.